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Instead of advertising, Zara uses its store location and store displays as key elements of its marketing strategy. As a result, the manager can turn their ability and strengths into the performance.

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Values refer to the manner in which the company hopes to achieve their goals and manage the organisation Louw and Venter, June 2, 4. On the other hand, having a strong organizational culture contributes to the brand identity and values of the organization Alton, At the same time, this constant refreshing of the lines and styles carried by its stores also entices customers to visit its shops more frequently.

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On the other hand organisational structure is considered as an external factor formalising limitations, division of labour, authority, grouping and coordination Drummond At Zara, there is great emphasis on the role of leadership which contributes to the formation of effective team at the first stage.

Rankings of the best CEOs are created based on a bevy of financial, environmental, social, and governance metrics. At the corporate level, the company has been busy, entering new countries and expanding its on-line markets.

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In addition to these supply chain efficiencies, Zara can also modify existing items in as little as two weeks. Oysho: Lingerie, casual outerwear, lounge wear and original accessories founded in Melbourne: Wiley Staff, H. Commitment to environment: Being in a business where it taps on natural resources to create its products, Inditex makes efforts to ensure that the environmental impact of its business complies with UNSDGs United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals. He has lived mainly in Galicia, a relatively poor region with no history in textiles. Its design teams regularly visit university campuses; nightclubs and other venues to observe what young fashion leaders are wearing. The failure rate at Zara is very low and minor failures are not counted significantly which ensures better job security, but at the same time the company recognises the creativity of the employees. For Zara, it is all about the customer—experiences for the customer, exchange with the customer, Evangelism through the customer, and being every place for the customer. Zara on the other hand has open lines of communication between store managers, design teams, salespersons and the functional managers and the storefronts are information generation points. As a fast fashion retailer, Zara is definitely aware of the power of e-commerce and has built up a successful online presence and high quality customer experience. It is evident that the Zara Kids format is less successful than other formats and is being slowly phased out. Leadership according to Northouse is the ability to motivate, influence and enable individuals to achieve the objectives.

According to him, people should love to use and wear clothes for a short while and then they should throw them away, just like yogurt, bread or fish, rather than store them in cupboards.

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