Writing a thesis statement practice worksheets

A good thesis is unified. Human selfishness is seen at its worst during rush hour. Suicide is the deliberate taking of one's own life. Our vacation enabled us to learn the true meaning of sharing. My parents are wonderful people. The new health program should be run only on experimental basis for two or three years.

Crime must be stopped. President Lincoln's first name was Abraham. The Columbus Cavaliers have trouble at the defensive end and linebacker positions, and front- office tensions don't help, but the team should be able to make the play-offs.

The thesis of this paper is the difficulty of solving our environmental problems. This paper will attempt to tell you something about the emotions I felt on viewing the Grand Canyon.

Trade barriers contribute to international tensions. A satisfactorily restricted and unified thesis may be useless if the idea it commits you to is too vague.

thesis statement exercises worksheets with answers pdf

The planet closest to the sun is Mercury. Hemingway's war stories helped create a new prose style.

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How to Write a Thesis Statement Worksheet Activity