Writing a function rule word problems

Lesson Resources. Do you need to find a Maths tutor? Have students write their equations for their cost of the commercial on their worksheet.

what are the rules to enter a function in computer

Have students pair up. What the temperature will be at m depth? Should come up with cost of making and cost of airing.

how to write a function from a word problem

Then have the students in their pairs pick their favorite TV show from the slide and write down their TV show and how much it cost to air during that time on their worksheet. Assessment: Have students complete the exit slip and homework.

Then have students first watch the commercial that is hyperlinked from the slide to YouTube. Assessment: Have students complete the exit slip and homework.

First look at the cost of making the commercial by view the three commercials from the hyperlink on the PowerPoint.

Exercise 6 A faucet dripping at a constant rate fills a test tube with 0. Writing Function Rules Lesson Objective Students will write a function rule for an IPod commercial using cost to air and cost to make the commerical.

Determine the equation and represent the function that defines the cost of squid based on weight.

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Newest Functions Word Problem Questions