Writing a bio for poetry submissions

Writing a bio for poetry submissions

I am all for including one or two personal details, but I prefer that they relate indirectly to your writing. Work posted publicly on a blog is considered published. Hopefully, this will demystify them for you. Everybody has to make their debut sooner or later. Follow him on Twitter robertleebrewer. Continue Reading. First the editor sees it if they do blind submissions the editor might not see your bio till right before the issue published , and then the readers of the literary journals. I fell victim to this early on. At Villanova, I was the fiction editor of the campus literary magazine. Do not put in there that your father once shook hands with Raymond Carver.

The editor of the journal does not care if you have been twice divorced, and neither does the reading public. Let this article be your yellow brick road to literary success. By Ginny Wiehardt Updated June 17, What do editors and agents mean when they ask for a " short bio "?

Sample of biography about myself

However, for publication, the cover letters are only read a month after all acceptances have been made, when editorial assistants copy and paste bio information for the publication. Editors talk. Let this article be your yellow brick road to literary success. But the less natural, though technically easier, part is preparing the submission. Otherwise, see how long responses usually take on Duotrope or The Submissions Grinder. He is a librarian in Someplace Ohio. If you do this, limit yourself to the top three. If you lie in your bio, it will disqualify the publication many times. Maybe you sent them a great epic poem, but they only have space left for a haiku. It allows you to search by genre, length, pay scale, acceptance rate, and estimated response time. You may also benefit by reading more about why editors ask for a short bio and what they expect to see. Non-paying publications do not offer money, though they may offer contributor copies.

Writing — like publishing — is a personal business, and we all have things that frustrate us, or have disappointed us in the past.

I felt I needed to crazy creative, impressive, and fun to be around—all in one brieft letter that accompanied my poems. Standard Manuscript Format is common, but not universal. Share This. However, you should not include all of them, that would just be overwhelming and also boring.

cover letter for poetry submission

In effect, all our form does is arrange the information into a digital cover letter and forward it to us. When writers send us their short stories, one part of the submission form that often seems to present problems is the field asking for a brief author bio.

The schools they attended varied, but that single fact repeated over and over again got to me. If you want to mention where you live, that's fine, but there's no need to describe the view from your window.

Although it might affect the way your submission is considered.

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