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The same can be said of any kind of art, and there is thus no reason to think that competition is incompatible with other aesthetic goals. Although most of them are awful, several films have been made based on video games. To create art using the medium of the video game Samyn suggests that the artistic message must precede the means of its expression in the guidance of gameplay mechanics, the development of " funness " or economic considerations must cease to guide the work's creation, and the development process must embrace a model wherein a single artist-author's vision gains central primacy.

Game designers often try to make their games look more like film by including cut scenes and imitating other cinematic features.

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Though video games share a competitive aspect with sports, the comparison between sports that may be art and video games does not bring to light any other important similarities. While this is not true of all of them Tetris lacks a plot, for example , some of them have plots and narratives that rival those of novels. Kendrick Another possibility is that there is something else inherent to games that is able to nullify the artistic elements of video games. Over the past decade, there has been a variety of museum exhibits of video games, ranging from technological development lessons to explorations of the influence of video games on digital art, as well as stand-alone exhibits of the emerging art form. Beyond the practical consequences the art status of video games may have on censorship attempts, the question "Are video games art? The characterization of their games as "art games," noted Samyn, was merely a byproduct of the imaginative stagnation and lack of progressivism in the video game industry. In December of , the National Network, a unit of MTV networks, announced that it would be creating an awards show dedicated to video games. This was done as a reply to a YouTube video by Kellee Santiago in which she claims that video games can be art. Catherine Lord, "Is Chess Art? As for a better argument, a reasonable approach is to consider what fatal alchemy would somehow deprive all the artistic components of a video game from combining into a work that qualifies as art as a whole. One glaring weak point is that an account of what it is for artistic elements of a video game to combine to form an artistic whole. As such, there is no one video game around which players have focused on for extended periods of time.

Humble argues that chess playing should be considered an art form. As my examples indicate, recent games are far more complex than PacMan; they often involve complex stories and characterization.

Many readers of this article will think of PacMan or Pong when they hear of video games.

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Noel Carroll has offered a compelling account of how such disputes can be, should be and are resolved.

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Video games as an art form