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The Reasons Let's start by looking at the reasons for having this section in a paper or a thesis. Chances are very high that there is something similar out there that your work can draw from.

In such a case, you can extend the introduction of the paper mentioning work that is closest to your approach. The question is, how do you come up with a good Related Work section for this publication? When I read papers that do not cover related work until after the main content, I find I spend much of my time reading wondering how what is being presented fits into the bigger picture.

You can organize them by idea, into paragraphs, so that the reader won't feel lost among a mix of research works.

Prior work section

For example, you can refer to common, well known outlets by their acronym. Do not treat these numbers as part of the paper's text. Otherwise, you can write a paragraph that summarize same content. There is a large space to study surrounding any problem, and your work probably makes a contribution. Papers do not need to exist in a vacuum to be interesting, and the typical contribution that can be made in ten pages is relatively limited. Finally, let's assume that your approach has some difference when compared to those by others, and some improvement faster, more accurate, easier to afford, etc. To avoid bruised egos, do not leave significant holes and try to include papers by a variety of different authors. A description on others' research can help sustain this metric, and also give an opportunity to make favors not that I recommend it, but many researchers are guilty of mutual citations and citation loops that boost their records. An example of this basic structure for a paragraph in the body of a Related Work section can be found in A Crowd-Powered Socially Embedded Search Engine : Overview of the papers in this paragraph: SNS question asking has been studied in many contexts, including on Facebook Lampe et al. The prevalence of subjective and rhetorical questions on social network sites has been a challenge for socially embedded search engines like SearchBuddies Hecht et al. While you should aim to change the world with your body of research, you are unlikely to do so within a single paper. To be more specific, the content should be broad at the start, and focused at the end. Including a good description of the state of the art in a research paper will allow readers who are not very familiar with your topic to learn more about it if you want your paper to be recommended by professors to their students, this will definitely help. The Shape One thing to keep in mind when writing the "Related work" section is that it should be shaped "like a funnel". You should not, for example, say, "In [23] the authors explore

But in the Related Work section, you should help your reader get the lay of the land by grouping and organizing the existing research. Because reviewers will be drawn in part from the papers you cite, cite papers written by people you would like reviewing your work.

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How to write: Related Work