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Having fewer lines to write notes encourages you to be selective—just to chose the quotes or paraphrases or details you expect to include in your thesis. If you write more than what can be written in the space available, that extra writing will not be visible.

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The Cornell template is not very user friendly on the computer. World hunger has many causes and effects. Side Notes: I have done up a very basic table List of Keywords in MSWord that you can use to record all the key words you develop for each area of research. Write down the key points from a lecture or text and voila - notes!

In the right-hand column, you can record important quotes, themes, symbols, or ideas from the reading. Figure 1: Writing notes and writing the thesis mean you have to focus in opposite directions.

Then you have to turn completely around and face your thesis, and write towards that instead. Time has changed since the Cornell Method was developed. One answer is the Cornell method.

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Turn your notes into writing using the Cornell method