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Reverend Samuel Parris played a pivotal role in preaching Christianity as well as eradicating evil from Salem village at that time. Through out my research over the topic I learned that the judges in charge of the trials let fear and conspiracy control their judgment in the trials and caused several innocent people to die Lasting two years, the Salem Witch Trials not only tore families apart, but killed many along the way as well.

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The other girls in the community that were not accepted into the circle felt left out One of the most obvious is the weather and climate. In the years following the aftermath of the Salem Witch trials, many people wondered how innocent people could die without anyone taking a stand.

One day, three teenage girls claimed to be possessed and were throwing violent fits consisting of vomiting, choking and hallucinations. The people are safe in Connecticut. Predictions I think that Hannah will be banned for doing witchcraft CH 17 Merry and Judith get sick the town people go to burn down Hannah's house down.

At church she meets Abby and Will. In seven Will does come over I guess I was right. A group of young girls in Salem, Massachusetts told the people of their town they were possessed by the devil and accused several women from their town of possessing them

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