The relationship of family in shakespeares tragedies

hamlet family relationships essay

In this analysis of this compelling relationship, I examined the underlying psychological tensions as well as the changing concepts of marriage and the family during Shakespeare's time. Capulet believes that his daughter is too young to marry.

This relationship of Prospero caring for Miranda as both mother and father with out even female servants to help and doing everything with genuine concern for her well being was rare, for this time especially in the upper classes of society.

Both men are easily fooled and consequently, they both reject natural law and their children. Hanawalt, Barbara. In the modern, day this would not be the case; daughters are treated as equals and allowed to choose who they want to marry or even if they want to get married at all.

Dreher 40 In Shakespearean plays, the ultimate authority merges usually with the authority of a father. Each father-son, father-daughter, mother-daughter and mother-son relationship, examined in this thesis offers a unique manipulation of this character-construction tool, thus displaying Shakespeares ability to not only utilize contemporary principles but also to bend them to his exact purpose.

Renaissance parents were harsh, they hardly noticed them, and they didnt really have a role in their childs life. In almost identical fashion, the subplot reveals another father, Gloucester, who betrays his older legitimate son and who is betrayed by his younger illegitimate son.

The fact that King Henry doesnt like him, ultimately seems the whole reason of Hals big plan. His sons inherited this lands and titles, but his daughters were sold off to live in another mans household when they married. Not only is this a loved one, but an extra special someone; it is his loving father whom he adored.

England at this time was a patriarchal society and, Daughters are perhaps the greatest victims of a patriarchal family and Elizabethan daughters were no exception 1. This provides all the reassurance needed for Hamlet to carry out his plot to kill Claudius.

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The Relationship Between Parents And Children In William