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It is inhabited by sheep and their shepherds, and from Mount Clear one can see the Celestial City. Like many of the writers in the list that follows, Bunyan had a wonderful ear for the rhythms of colloquial speech and his allegorical characters come to life in dialogue that never fails to advance the narrative.

Story is one thing. Innocent, a young serving maid of the Interpreter, who answers the door of the house when Christiana and her companions arrive; and who conducts them to the garden bath, which signifies Christian baptism.

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River of God or River of the Water of Life, a place of solace for the pilgrims. Luckily he's replaced by a guy named Hopeful who's exactly the same as Faithful in every way, so So he takes off and immediately falls into the Slough of Despond translation: "Marsh of Bummers"and we immediately see that he's not only a dick see above but not very bright.

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Amphill Castle was used for the "house arrest" of Queen Catherine of Aragon and her retinue in —36 before she was taken to Kimbolton. The lodging fee for his inn is paid by the Good Samaritan.

The pilgrims progress as it applies

Adam the First, "the old man" representing carnality and deceit who tries to persuade Faithful to leave his journey and come live with his three daughters: the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the Eyes, and the Pride of Life. He is the nephew of Mr. Beelzebub , literally "Lord of the Flies," is one of Satan's companion archdemons, who has erected a fort near the Wicket Gate from which he and his soldiers can shoot arrows of fire at those about to enter the Wicket Gate so they will never enter it. Christian is returned to prison , but he later escapes. Samuel, the second son, who marries Grace, Mr. In the Second Part the Good Shepherd is found there to whom Christiana's grandchildren are entrusted. He dies later in Vanity Fair for his strong faith and first reaches the Celestial City.
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The Pilgrim's Progress