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I was singing bass, tenor, baritone, and lead. They recorded their final album, Fan the Firein ; Gooden and Cash occasionally reunited with Mayfield and sometimes Butler for touring commitments.

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The Wailers had recorded it on several occasions before it was released as a single in Curtis would ask me all the time whether he should go to school to learn some more about music.

Purifory performed with the group until their retirement in ByThe Roosters had enlisted a new manager in Eddie Thomas.

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After singing in a number of local gospel groups, the two of them joined a doo-wop group called "The Roosters" inwhose members included Chattanooga, Tennessee natives Sam GoodenRichard Brooksand his brother Arthur Brooks.

He still was writing and producing for them and they were still on Curtom. After separating for a short period, Curtis Mayfield performing with the AlphatonesJerry Butler following a short lived stay with the group the Quails joined Sam Gooden and Richard Brooks, and his brother Arthur Brooks in the doo-wop group, the Roosters.

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Other members were Gooden and brothers Richard and Art Brooks. The Wailers had recorded it on several occasions before it was released as a single in Evans temporarily rejoined for the album Fan the Fire, released in At this point, the Impressions were still overshadowed by their ex-leader, who was riding high with brilliant works like Superfly. Curtis sang high tenor. Townsend continued to work with the group for the next couple of years with some success, but in Johnson left to join the unsuccessful Mystique. Reggie passed away in Mayfield 's success as a songwriter encouraged him to form his own publishing company.

It was the title cut from the album of the same namewhich also reached the Top 10 on both charts. The Impressions returned to Chicago as a trio, and soon aligned themselves with producer Johnny Patewho helped to update their sound and create a more lush soul sound for the group.

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