Social facts social actions and historical

Rationality means that the actions taken are analyzed and calculated for the greatest amount of self -gain and efficiency.

language as a social fact

Contributions a. Some of the factors that others had used to explain suicide were heredity, climate, race, individual psychopathic states mental illnessand imitation. Durkheim ends his discussion of the organic-psychic and physical environmental factors by concluding that they cannot explain "each social group[s] That is, suicide is condemned more or less equally in each religion, and doctrinal statements concerning suicide are all negative.

criticism of social facts

For example, suicides of family members may occur after the death of a husband or wife. But Durkheim notes that these themselves are social facts in the sense that these ideas are social products, created by society. For modern theories of sociobiology, and the influence of genetics, Durkheim's approach could prove a useful counter.

social facts and its characteristics
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