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There is greater terrestrial biodiversity near the equator and this is caused due to warm climate and high primary productivity.

Thus, ecosystems often support and provide services like soil fertility, plant pollinators, predators, decomposers, purification of air and water, management of flood and drought and other environmental disasters.

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This is because various species of organisms help in meeting their basic needs of food, shelter, cloth and other resources. This also results to change in diversity. Essay 5. The Amazon rain forest lungs of the planet are also being cut and destroyed for cultivation of soya bean or is converted to grasslands for raising beef cattle. A number of plants and animals have gone extinct because of increased deforestation and other factors. Some species require specific climate to survive and when the climatic conditions change continuously these species either migrate or become extinct. The knowledge of the hunters and gatherer societies, cultivators, and fishers to mention a few, have developed knowledge specific to their field of operation. Poaching puts pressure on wild animals. Out of them two species bear only one bird each. Sanibel Island, Florida, is home to a landmark wildlife habitat protection program that is as groundbreaking today as it was when conceived back in the s. Ecologists have discovered how important retaining biodiversity really is to humanity. Importance of Biodiversity: When there is biodiversity in our ecosystem it translates to a greener environment. Hence it is our duty to ensure that our activities do not affect the other flora and fauna on the planet. Biodiversity Essay 2 words Biodiversity is said to be a measure of different types of plants, animals and other organisms present in the ecosystem. Bio means the forms of life and Diversity means mixture or variety.

More than 80, species of plants are used as food. These include building materials, fibers, dyes, rubber and oil.

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The genetic diversity within a species is expressed by many terms, subspecies, breeds, races, varieties and forms. Protecting biodiversity does not merely involve setting aside chunks of area as reserves. Importance of Biodiversity: The existence of living things in an ecosystem and the functioning of the ecosystem contribute to the relevance of biodiversity in nature. Biodiversity and its beautiful richness ensure that the earth is fit enough for the survival of each and every one of the organism living on the earth. On mountains, decrease in species diversity takes place from lower to higher altitude. For painting what exactly is Biodiversity, we need a large canvas beyond imagination. The Gradual Decrease: Not all species which existed in the ancient times exist today as well. Finally, within each biotic province, various kinds of biomes are distinguished. Concept of Biodiversity: Biodiversity, or biological diversity, refers to the range of life forms of Earth. The number of species of plants, animals and microorganisms and the various genes in these species, different ecosystems such as deserts, rainforests and coral reefs are all part of a biologically diverse Earth. Amazon Rainforest in South America Agricultural diversity can be divided into two categories: intraspecific diversity , which includes the genetic variety within a single species, like the potato Solanum tuberosum that is composed of many different forms and types e. All living things are connected to other living things and to their non-living environment.

With increase in area, number of species increase. Protecting Biodiversity: As we know, the biodiversity loss is a serious threat for human race, we all should work for maintaining biodiversity, and find out solutions to reduce the biodiversity decline.

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This will not only protect the environment but also enable smooth human survival as well. C Global Warming: Global warming and climate change pose threats to plant and animal species as many organisms are sensitive to carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere that may lead to their disappearance.

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The governments of various countries are spreading awareness about the same and are trying to curb the issue by using different means. Greater biological diversity promotes economic and social welfare, and improves the likelihood that future generations will survive and succeed. If we do not act today, we may yet again witness the extinction of the vulnerable biodiversity which may further disturb the balance of nature. Adaptation of crops and domestic animals to different climatic and geophysical conditions. Species are the most commonly used unit describing biodiversity. Species diversity: reflected in the morphological, physiological and genetic features. Some biological species help in decomposing organic materials and thus acts as a natural recycling agent. So, to maintain the biological balance, we need to have the population growth under control. This area represents greater evenness. Therefore it becomes our duty to maintain the Biodiversity. Biodiversity Essay 4 words Biodiversity, also referred to as biological diversity, is the variety of different species of flora and fauna living on Earth.

Gamma Diversity: This term is used for the rate of turnover or replacement of species between similar habitats in different geographical areas. Other species also do the same and depend on a variety of other species to sustain them and provide them with the basics.

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