Science and technology promote transformation and

In recent years, UICC has significantly strengthened its collaboration and coordination with its members by further enhancing its services to them. Scientific and technological professionals will be guided in practicing the system of socialist core values and upholding the spirit of truth-seeking, pragmatism, innovation, solidarity, coordination, selfless dedication, and devotion to the motherland in a free and vigorous academic environment that safeguards academic freedom.

Science and technology promote transformation and

Our earth systems, marine and polar sciences projects are playing a key role in Operation Phakisa, along with the Ocean and Coasts Management Information System, which protects our 1. Alliance for international science and technology collaborations By utilizing a joint funding mechanism, Tsinghua University initiated substantial technological collaboration on cutting edge areas with a lot of top level universities, with its goal of becoming an internationally renowned first-class university. Talent services UICC encourages Tsinghua University graduates to work as employees or interns in its member enterprises. Emphasis will be placed on the fostering of engineers, skilled personnel in short supply, and rural technicians with practical skills. A sound system will be put in place to ensure independent decision-making, implementation and evaluation for scientific and technological projects. The most serious challenges hindering the development of science and technology in Africa include inadequate infrastructure and lack of strong political will to promote science and technology, she said. Enterprises and institutions may sign an agreement on protection of their technical know-how with the employees who participate in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements during the period when they remain in employment or within a specified period of time after they leave office or retire; the said employees may not, in violation of what is agreed on, disclose the technical know-how of their own units or engage in transforming the same scientific or technological achievement as that of their own units. Full scope will be given to the role of institutions of higher learning as a fundamental driving force for the development of science and technology. The local people's governments at various levels shall be responsible for administering, guiding and coordinating efforts for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements within their respective administrative regions. A sound mechanism for the sharing of the research facilities of research institutes, universities and enterprises will be put in place. An employment system that combines fixed posts and non-fixed posts will be implemented and supported by HR mechanisms that are open, pro-competition, and encourage freedom of movement.

Corporate investment in research and development will increase significantly, and there will be a general increase in the capacity for innovation among enterprises. Emphasis will be placed on the quality of scientific and technological innovation and its actual contribution in light of the characteristics of different types of technologies and scientific and technological activities by formulating clear evaluation criteria and methods that combine incentive and punishment.

Contribution of science and technology to society

A sound mechanism for knowledge transfer and technology dissemination will be put in place to accelerate the transformation and application of scientific and technological advances. Comments South Africa urgently needs to implement programmes and strategies that will create a more inclusive economy in which the benefits of growth are shared fairly and equitably. The macro decision-making system for science and technology will be improved; a sound mechanism for important decision-making regarding science and technology will be put in place; the mechanism of communication and coordination between the central government and local governments, among science and technology-related government departments, and between science and technology departments and other departments will be improved; and the focuses of various national science and technology projects, programs and funds will be further clarified in order to avoid repetition. Article 16 In testing and evaluating scientific and technological achievements in the course of their transformation, the principles of impartiality and objectiveness shall be adhered to; it is not allowed to provide false testing results or evaluation certificates. Article 18 Intermediate institutions acting as agent or intermediaries or providing other paid services in the exchange of technologies must obtain business licenses as required by relevant State regulations. Article 13 The State encourages agricultural research institutions and agricultural experiment and demonstration stations to transform scientific and technological achievements independently or in cooperation with another. The reform of scientific and technological system and the building of a national innovation system should be high on the agenda of CPC committees and governments at all levels. Innovation and entrepreneurship by college graduates will be encouraged. Managing existing technology and non-technological innovation also counts. The fourth is ensuring coordination between all parties involved and compliance with objective laws.

Our department has also utilised these initiatives to expand, modernise and increase the affordability of ICT infrastructure through providing high speed broadband connectivity to all universities, science councils, national research facilities and public research performing institutions.

Relevant administrative systems will also be improved to avoid the excessive concentration of scientific and technological projects among a small number of researchers. If the case is serious, the business license and qualification certificate shall be revoked in accordance with law. Industry is providing new funding of Rmillion for these funds.

What is not stipulated in the contract shall be handled according to the following principles: 1 Where no invention or creation ensures from transformation of a scientific or technological achievement, the rights and interests related to the scientific or technological achievement shall belong to the unit that made the achievement; 2 Where inventions or creations ensue from collaborated transformation of a scientific or technological achievement, the rights and interests related to the inventions or creations shall belong to both parties in collaboration; and 3 As to the scientific and technological achievements made through collaborated transformation, both parties shall have the right to put into practice the achievements thus made; consent shall have to be obtained from both parties in collaboration for transfer of the said achievements.

Five importance of science and technology

Industry is providing new funding of Rmillion for these funds. This year the Technology Innovation Agency will help 2 SMMEs to benefit from technical expertise to translate their technological innovations into products and prototypes at a cost of Rmillion. Sound evaluation criteria and methods will be formulated in light of the characteristics of different types of awards and the transparency of evaluation procedures will be strengthened. Such conferences offer an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and government officials to share information and exchange ideas on important scientific, technological and societal issues. Improving the mechanism for science and technology to support emerging industries with strategic importance and the upgrading of traditional industries. The department is also making good progress with our plan for Biovac to become a fully fledged vaccine manufacturer, with a recent partnership with the US Programme for Allied Technologies for Health Path to develop a Group B Streptococcus vaccine. Science and technology are continuously evolving, influenced by structural shifts in the world economy, the steady globalization of innovative activity, the rise in new actors and new ways of innovating. They made the remarks while speaking at the opening of NEF conference, held from March 26 to Efforts will be made to integrate all types of scientific and technological resources, advance the building of scientific and technological infrastructure such as scientific instruments and apparatus, academic literature and scientific data, accelerate the development and improvement of a resource-sharing service management mode and supporting methods, and formulate the corresponding evaluation criteria and methods of supervision, reward and punishment. Efforts will be made to emphasize the role of enterprises as the primary driving force behind innovation, strengthen integration between enterprises, universities, and research institutes, promote access to and sharing of resources, and encourage coordination and cooperation among all parties involved, so as to elevate the overall efficiency of the national innovation system. Efforts should also be made to make sure that reforms proceed at an appropriate pace, to properly address new issues that emerge during the course of reform, and to start with pilot programs before rolling-out major plans on a nationwide basis. The Indigenous Knowledge Systems Bill will support this.

The joint collaboration funds can be focused on one or more specific research areas, or they can simply be used to encourage university-wide faculty and student exchanges and to provide seed funding for joint research projects.

They play an important role in the overseas scientific and research collaborations. Coordination in the development of systems for technological innovation, knowledge innovation, national defense technology innovation, regional innovation, scientific and technological intermediary services will be carried out to establish a mechanism ensuring the close integration and coordinated development of basic research, applied research, and the commercialization and industrialization of results.

Comments South Africa urgently needs to implement programmes and strategies that will create a more inclusive economy in which the benefits of growth are shared fairly and equitably.

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Developing and improving relevant laws, regulations, and policies.

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Science, technology and innovation transforming South Africa