Ratio analysis of hdfc bank

The net profit ratio shows that how much a company is efficient in managing its work and costs.

capital adequacy ratio of hdfc bank 2018

It must therefore try and reduce its liabilities Secondly, the expense ratio in the year was The ratio measures how much the shareholders earned from their investment in the company. Demand for housing is being fueled by historically low mortgage interest rates.

debt equity ratio of hdfc bank 2018

Future plan of HDFC is to launch new branches. The HDFC bank preferred programs for high net worth individuals, the HDFC bank plus and the investment advisory services program have been designed keeping in mind heads of customers who seek distinct financial solutions information and advice on various investment avenues.

The Bank started operations as in January It is recognized as a leading provider of cash management and transactional Banking solutions to corporate customers, Mutual Funds, Stock Exchange Members and Bank.

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Financial Ratios Analysis of HDFC Bank Ltd. Company