Purchasing management

So, ensuring the security of supply by expanding the supplier base is a key objective for purchasing management. Neglecting to factor the entire procurement process into operations can cost businesses a lot of money. If you just go with the first supplier you find, you could be costing yourself money without even realizing it.

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Purchase orders are used to order directly with an agreed supplier. Investing purchasing dollars correctly can help a company expand market share and increase its sales by allowing it to bring quality products to market first.

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Purchasing objectives should include the pursuit of long-term relationships if they might be a strategic asset. Purchasing management can support the achievement of such objectives.

If your strategy is to deny your competition access to a supplier, your purchasing department may have to negotiate an exclusive supply agreement. Because the price is not the optimal indicator of quality, going with the cheapest vendor may mean the product quality is not where you expect to be — making that purchase a waste of funds.

Purchasing management

Materials management organisations that exist now have evolved out or purchasing departments. Efficient buying can achieve this. Value for Money Ensuring that what you buy has high value for the company is a key purchasing function, buy what constitutes value depends on your strategic business goals.

For example, instead of a supplier having to ask your staff whether your stock of the supplier's products is running out, the supplier's IT systems can access your warehouse records directly and automatically ship more products when stock runs low.

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Purchasing management