Psycho movie 1960 essay

Horror movies are so popular because the audience can get the adrenaline rush of being scared without actually putting themselves in danger, and also the audience ultimately get a rush of relief at the end of the film when the killer is killed.

This film deals primarily with the economic and feministic aspect of women in the s. Norman tells her that he and his mother live there.

Film standards agencies censored films showing sex before marriage, nakedness, violence and gore. She takes the money and goes to California, to her boyfriend. In this film, Hitchcock used the camera as the diegesis.

Psycho and Vertigo are two films in particular that have left a huge impression.

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She returns to her room, hides the money in a newspaper and goes to the bathroom to take a hot shower to wash away the day. At the time of release,psycho was a ground breaking project. Made in the 's when film censorship was very tight to today's standards, Hitchcock pushed the limits of what could be shown and did with psycho things that had never been done before.

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This essay will look at horror and gender in the slasher films working closely with Pyscho.

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Movie Review : Psycho ( ) Essay