Positive benefits of a multi cultural school

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Gain knowledge of different languages People who speak several languages have a greater probability of succeeding in commerce. Multiculturalism can best be understood as a meeting of empathy and equal opportunity for achievement across race, gender and class.

For example, though a teacher may design a syllabus with multicultural narratives in mind, speaking in a condescending manner or leaving out key facts will be more impactful than the content of the course.

Childhood EducationEducation Malala Yousafzai once famously said "We cannot succeed when half of us are left behind. Thoughtfully planned diversity lessons promote depth of knowledge and give students and teachers exposure to new cultures, different historical figures, and alternative text.

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As children from different races come together in one classroom, this will ultimately give the teachers the chance to construct a positive classroom culture with their students. Promoting equity is a priority for Kickboard and we are intentional about situating the work we do at the intersection of positive behavioral supports, cultural relevance, restorative practices, and racial equity.

Content integration and knowledge construction have an especially important impact on how students will learn to perceive different cultures. However, to accurately talk about diversity, especially in the classroom, you must consider race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, being able-bodied and various learning styles.

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The Dynamics and Benefits of a Multicultural Education