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It requires developing clear and consistent standards for training police officers, doctors, and teachers. Certainly, topics for essay writing may refer not only to literature but also to different social problems.

That makes the job of good police officers unsafe.

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For these reasons, the U. In Februarytwo cases of police brutality did not involve African Americans; instead the two victims were a Hispanic shot and killed in Washington State and an Indian-American severely paralyzed in Alabama. Create a references page and include all sources.

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In this article, you will find great hints about making a strong paper without wasting a lot of time! Collect evidence an organize it, finding relationships between facts. Past and present of the violent police behavior. Brutality is the sign of some psychological problems; therefore, such policemen should not work with people.

Now that any story can gain a large international audience if it is important enough, many acts of police brutality are much more difficult to conceal and go by unpunished.

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Then you should state a thesis to answer the question and provide a road map for your argument. The controversies that surround the topic of police brutality relate to different definitions and expectations over what is meant by excessive force. What is most telling about these movements, however, is that police brutality and social discrimination against black people have been a persisting problem that has failed to disappear, even after many reforms and changes in society. Works Cited Garner, Eric. Because of the racial tensions that existed well until the later half of the 21st century, many police officers adopted the approach of willfully discriminating against black people when pursuing criminal offenders Owen Thesis Statement: Police misconduct can happen to anyone that runs into a official with a hidden agenda. You may describe situations when people were abused by police officers illegally without any reason. These police officers often use excessive forces or a condescending tone towards people of color which is why there needs to be a better way to mend police and civilian relationship. Start writing an essay with body paragraphs. Use concrete subjects to sharpen your meaning and active words. Allowing police officers to get away with acts of brutality, especially those based on racial prejudice, are not only illegal but also dangerous for democracy itself. To me it seems as though a lot of them have been taking advantage of their power and taking advantage of American citizens. To counter this problem, body cameras have been rising in popularity across many national police forces. Police Brutality still goes on around the world today with improvements of enforcing police brutality in police departments. How to write a proper conclusion for a police brutality paper?
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Police Brutality Against African Americans