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In about one minute she looks as if she is sixteen. Splodge picks it up and looks at it carefully; 'You can go now, lad,' he says in a funny voice. Now I am in trouble again. Straight away he starts to grow younger but he does not stop at sixteen. His face is turning the same colour. I can feel my face going red. I give a terrible scream and run to the door but I cannot get out because it is jammed. She is sixteen. I am terrified. The old lady wanted to know how he had done it. Then he turned the knob the other way. I'm sitting outside the principal's office. I open the window but the train is going too fast for me to escape. But it does not stop there.

I get scared easily. I go in and sit down.

Pink bow tie and suspenders

I open the window but the train is going too fast for me to escape. The door was locked, so I had to spend fifteen minutes with a skeleton. He soon grew older and older and then he was dead. The conductor asked him to put his cigarette out because he was too young to smoke. He doesn't see the joke and he decides to punish me. It makes her look like a hippy. But it does not stop there. A terrible sight meets my eyes. Check your vocabulary: gap fill Did you learn some new words by reading Pink Bow Tie? In no time at all there is a baby sitting next to me in a puddle of adult clothes. Instructions Do the preparation exercise first and then read the story.

It looks like a pink vampire. She throws the Age Rager over to me, runs down the corridor and jumps off the train just as it is pulling out of the station.

Life is very unfair. Am I correct? Why would she go out with a kid who wears a pink bow tie? After about five minutes a ticket collector puts his head around the door. She is called Miss Newham and she is a real knockout.

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But it does not stop there. Nothing at all.

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