Physical attractiveness of defendant

This study attempted to prove their skepticism. Beautiful and blameless: Effects of victim attractiveness and responsibility on mock jurors' verdicts.

Attractiveness and jury decision making

Effects of victim's and defendant's physical attractiveness on subjects' judgments in a rape case. References Adams, G. Effects of sex of defense attorney, sex of juror, and age and attractiveness of the victim on mock juror decision making in a rape case. However, in the swindle trial, higher sentences were given to the attractive defendant. However, the late David Ross, a QC from Melbourne Australia, believes the physical attractiveness of the advocate is neither a positive or a negative. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, , 26, — Google Scholar Sigall, H. Shepherd, Sandra L.

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Physical attractiveness and job success

Contrariwise, one could argue that unattractive persons are more likely to engage in criminal activities because their lesser endowment in looks obviates legitimate means of value-access. While causation is not known, I place my bet that physical attraction will have noteworthy effects on judicial outcomes. Effect of rape victim's attractiveness in a jury simulation. Google Scholar Kerr, N. Google Scholar Copyright information. Felonies: Curiously, felony fines had no correlation with the attractiveness of the criminal. However, there were significant differences between male and female subjects in the sentencing of the defendant. All students were white and Canadian. Answers to Possible Objections The judges varied in gender and race. Weaknesses The researchers measured more items than simply attractiveness. Belief in a just world and physical attractiveness stereotyping. Weaknesses The study did not give specific results. Google Scholar Gerdes, E.

Sociometry,39, — Child Dev. Google Scholar Izzett, R. Belief in a just world and physical attractiveness stereotyping. Women were neutral in their confidence.

defendants attractiveness as a factor in the outcome of trials

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Physical Attractiveness Bias in the Legal System