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Government money has been poured into it, providing new supermarkets and state-of-the-art drone technology used to carry mail from the post office to the new residents. Levees and large walls are being built around the coast to protect against future tsunamis.

Numerous cities and small towns are working hard to rebuild, repopulate, and increase their tourism economy.

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The radiation levels are safe, and the towns are starting to grow again. There used to be houses over there, he says. More than 1, people were feared dead and authorities warned a meltdown may be under way at a nuclear plant after a monster tsunami devastated a swathe of northeast Japan.

I was scared and a co-worker of mine had a sister in Miyagi. Jess is the creator and editor of Books and Bao. In Ishinomaki, we were taken on a boat tour to catch uni sea urchin with local fishermen.

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Surviving the Earthquake Aftermath in Japan