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To assign or edit headings, heading levels, and set up your document structure: Select a bulleted item. Guidelines for importing an outline PowerPoint can import an outline in.

Open the outline view 2 Another way you can open the outline view is by simply clicking the Normal icon at the bottom of your PowerPoint work space.

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And beyond simply showing the outline of your presentation, there are a number of tricks, shortcuts and PowerPoint hacks to BEND the Outline View to do your beck and calling. Tips Keep text to a bare minimum and keep main ideas as focused as possible. Opening an outline in PowerPoint Instead of importing your outline, you can open your outline directly in PowerPoint to start a brand new presentation. The answer is fairly simple: outlining focuses your presentation. This method creates a new slide before the current slide. Note that if you move the insertion point to the end of the title line and press Enter, PowerPoint creates a new slide. This step places a copy of the selected slide immediately after it. You can slowly scroll down the page and soak up all of this PowerPoint goodness, or use the table of contents on the left to jump around to some of the advanced topics. So this is where you can select the different formats of your slides when printing them as handouts, depending on how many slides you plan to print per handout. How to select and edit one paragraph in PowerPoint You can select and edit an entire paragraph along with all its subordinate paragraphs.

In the Insert Outline dialog box, find and select your Word outline and select Insert. It shows us just the text in the presentation so we can concentrate on ideas and words rather than colour, graphics, backgrounds etc.

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Navigate to the outline file, and click Insert. In PowerPoint for Windows, click on the "Outline" tab in the left pane. You might see a chart here or there and an occasional bit of clip art thrown in for comic effect, but the bread and butter of the presentation is the bulleted list. This article will explain the importance of outlining and how to use the PowerPoint Outline View. However, you can then press the Tab key to change the new slide to a paragraph on the preceding slide. Step 2. Normal View is the default, the one you usually see when you first open a PowerPoint presentation.

In PowerPoint for the Windows operating system, click on the "View" tab. Make sure your main points aren't too general. On the Outline tab, place the pointer, and then either paste your content or begin typing text.

In the picture below you can see the different numbers in the Outline View on the left and follow the arrows to the right to see how they line up with the content containers on the right. How to switch your PowerPoint presentation to Outline view In Normal View, the left side of the PowerPoint window is devoted to showing thumbnail images of your slides.

The new line is automatically at the same hierarchical level as the one you just typed.

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The Outline View in PowerPoint (Ultimate Guide)