My life as a super hero

My life as a super hero

Maybe my body just starts to glow brightly. Research how you market those to a large audience online. All the pain. Of course, I would have to have a back story. If it is from other people, then you need to change the people you hang out with.

The only way to counter negativity is to take it in, reflect on where it is coming from, and then take steps to eliminate where it comes from.

a day in the life of a superhero

She took student misbehavior personally and tended to over-react when meting out consequences. I want to keep it that way. Of course, I still have my Bat-jamies that I wear almost every evening.

We can succumb to them, give up, and live the rest of our lives in despair; or we can use those events to motivate us to do something greater.

Share to twitter Share to linkedin Not everybody gets to play a superhero on TV or in the movies.

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