Mr and mrs smith

She actually had quite a collection already, many weapons she had procured while in Cambodia. Although many lives have been lost, the marriage is saved. Sometimes Jolie and director Doug Liman clashed on set due to conflicting options about a scene. He didn't have friends working in espionage, but he did have a few who experienced some rocky issues in their marriage.

For years it was "Seen any good movies lately? I might. Let us know in the comments! The film was released on Blu-ray on December 4, In addition, the only member of the original production team to join the project would be returning producer Akiva Goldsman. Soon after, Pitt also declined to take part in the film, hoping to work with Kidman on the project.

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Several attempts were made to bring the spy vs. Between their onscreen chemistry and action movie experience, they became the perfect couple to play married spies.

One of the major involved the budget.

Mr and mrs smith
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21 Wild Details Behind The Making Of Mr. & Mrs. Smith