Microbiology of fish and fish product

This involves the removal of water content from fish tissues until the moisture of the fish is extracted.

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A sensory assessment appearance, odour of the fish when landed is a CCP2 for ensuring that until this point the material has been under control, and that spoiled fish or shrimp and potential toxic species can be discarded. Bull, 69, Fish fermentation Fish Fermentation can also preserve fish.

Microbiology of fish and fish product

This is called as the osmosis absorption process. Google Scholar Bullard, F.

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Chlorine levels should be measured daily. Quality records including inspection reports, analytical results and corrective action reports should be maintained.

Microbiological assessment of fish

In the time that water passes out from the tissues of the fish, the salt will going to penetrate the fish tissues until the salt solutions filled it in. All of this variety does of course mean that the microbiology of fish and fish products is complex and can cover a wide range of both quality and safety related issues. If an identified hazard has no preventive measure at a certain step then no CCP exists at that step. Google Scholar Dassow, J. The latter concerns only production and delivery. In order to be meaningful, hazard analysis must be quantitative. Ward and C. In normal process, fermentation takes up to 8 months. Preservation of Fish Fish processing plays a role in preserving excess catch especially if transportation to bring the fresh fish to market is not always available. Australia, 36, Action must be taken before the deviation leads to a safety hazard. Google Scholar Barnett, H. Fish which have been salted well last a long time without spoiling. Inspect fish for appearance and odour and reject fish of unacceptable quality. Of these surviving microbes, only a small portion can generate metabolites that create the off-flavors, off-odors and discolorations that humans find unsuitable for consumption.
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