Memories of my father

Memories of my father

July 07, a call from my aunt inform me that he was gone and the cause is a nightmare.. When I was a little girl, my dad used to shave with a mug full of soap, a short stubby brush, and a safety razor. There was a great deal of love and care in these simple, touching acts -- the only things that allowed him to keep his dignity. Reading some of these stories is heartbreaking as although I miss and love my dad I got to have 41 years with him some of you had a very short time. This poem says, in part, how I feel but my heart is broken. I miss him more and more every day! I hope we can all overcome with it. When he finished shaving, pink-cheeked and smooth, he sometimes splashed on a bit of the Old Spice aftershave my sister and I had given him for Father's Day.

I love and miss you DAD!!! Happy Father's Day Dad by Janice Ballymena 7 years ago My dad passed away 3 years ago, I still tell myself everyday my dads not here my heart has been broke and I still cry but I know that because he was such a good dad and I miss him so much I miss my dad in countless large and small ways.

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I remember standing by myself on a step stool in front of the mirror, soaping up my own little girl face and using a corner of a washcloth to scrape it off the way I'd seen him do it: downward stokes, left to right. I lost him papa today at 2 am.

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She was able to tell him she loved him right before he took his last breaths. The way my cheeks still color in shame when I think of the disappointment in his eye when we were at the best brunch buffet in the history of the world and I was full after one plate.

I keep a small picture of my father on my desk. I just turned 16 last month.

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