Marketing attractiveness

Marketing attractiveness

Use the Market Attractiveness Framework to determine your product portfolio in relation to market attractiveness and business strengths. The more attractive a market is assessed to be, the higher the profit potential.

For example, a summary overview of the BRIC nations reveals the differences among these markets and the operating complexities in all of them. Market Size and Growth Rate Market size and growth rate are two basic factors when evaluating a market.

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The company has 30 manufacturing facilities, mainly in India, and production capabilities in automotive plastics and engineering. In socialist societies like China, for instance, workers cannot form independent trade unions in the labor market, which affects wage levels.

Because of an underdeveloped communications infrastructure, building a brand name can be difficult just when good brands are highly valued because of lower product quality of the alternatives. To us, China is not just a manufacturing base, but a window to the global market.

It also highlights the fact that different product markets have different success factors: some are brand-sensitive while pricing or intensive distribution are key to success in others. Current ownership policies mandate that foreign vehicle manufacturers enter into joint ventures with local automakers, and poor intellectual property rights enforcement puts the design and engineering innovations of foreign car companies at constant risk.

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The first phase included capacity to make parts for air vents, handles, cupholders, ashtrays, glove boxes, and floor consoles. This brand strategy, in turn, allowed Samsung to use a global segmentation approach to making market selection and entry decisions. This should translate to an ability to garner superior margins as the market should contain a good portion of customers that value the competencies of the organization.

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Until the early s, foreign automobile manufacturers were mostly shut out of India. Market Accessibility: The company values markets that are readily accessible, both geographically and also in terms of underserved clients. After market segments are identified, companies must determine which segments to pursue first with marketing efforts. Local customers may have a strong loyalty to local brands. After much analysis and presentation, it is concluded that the market is unattractive as local companies have too much of an advantage. Institutional ContextsKhanna, Palepu, and Sinha Today, foreign automakers are welcomed and the government promotes foreign ownership and local manufacturing with tax breaks and strong intellectual property protection. Capital and financial markets in developing countries often lack sophistication. The general infrastructure, culture and political climate is also reviewed. Reliable intermediaries like credit-rating agencies, investment analysts, merchant bankers, or venture capital firms may not exist, and multinationals cannot count on raising debt or equity capital locally to finance their operations. It is also easy to assume an adequate local infrastructure, from roads to business services. India has 1.

Tata Motors soldpassenger cars in India in

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What Is an Attractive Marketing Segment?