Leukemia case study

leukemia types

It is also not used as a single agent for initial induction therapy. Received Sep 28; Accepted Dec 2. Types M0, M1, M2, and M3 are predominantly granulocytic and differ according to the extent of maturation.

Leuk Res.

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Literature review current through. The scientific and medical clarity offered by leukemia is due in large part to the ability of researchers and physicians to easily take blood samples and identify the various cellular components of the blood cancers. CA Cancer J Clin.

With the increae in direct access patients, it is imperative that physical therapists perform a thorough evalulation. The implication was that these cells were the critical stem cells that actually caused the leukemia and gave rise to all the other immature or mature blood cells that clinicians saw in the samples under their microscopes.

The patient had been suffering from recurrent febrile episodes and nocturnal sweats with weakness and fatigue.

aml case study

Clinical features are not different from other type of AML but organomegaly is noted infrequently in adults.

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Case Studies: Acute Myeloid Leukemia