Johnson vetoed the first and second reconstruction acts essay

This political ascension, which occurred in earlymarked the beginning of Radical Reconstruction also known as Congressional Reconstruction. Those duties and that authority, as defined by the third section of the bill, are "to protect all persons in their rights of person and property, to suppress insurrection, disorder, and violence, and to punish or cause to be punished all disturbers of the public peace or criminals.

The House subsequently drew up eleven charges against the President, principally associated with his alleged violations of the Tenure of Office Act and the Command of the Army Act but also including charges that his actions had brought disgrace and ridicule to the presidency.

I need not say to the representatives of the American people that their Constitution forbids the exercise of judicial power in any way but one — that is, by the ordained and established courts.

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After the ratification of these constitutions, newly elected governments were to send representatives to Congress, and the states thereby would be restored to the Union.

Grant, and Secretary of State William Seward would have also been killed.

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It is equally well known that in all criminal cases a trial by jury is made indispensable by the express words of that instrument. That the measure proposed by this bill does violate the Constitution in the particulars mentioned and in many other ways which I forbear to enumerate is too clear to admit of the least doubt.

Withblack Republican votes, the party becomes convinced that black suffrage is politically necessary. It was accepted by the friends of the Union in the South as well as in the North as expressing honestly and truly the object of the war.

After declaring Johnson guilty, it nominates national hero General Ulysses S. Two subsequent ballots on May 26 produced the same results, and the Senate adjourned as a court of impeachment.

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Veto of the First Reconstruction Act