Is imprisonment the most effective way

Actions should be made based on that alone.

alternatives to imprisonment

These alternatives could include community services unpaid work for the good of the community or sentences in the community, which could include things like electronic tagging whereby there is a curfew. Even more surprising perhaps is that the average prison sentence length in Norway is only eight months.

In addition, as discussed further in Chapter 7suicide rates in prison declined from 34 perin to 16 perinand largely stabilized after that Mumola, Recognizing the particular vulnerability of pre-trial detainees, international human rights instruments provide for a large number of very specific safeguards to ensure that the rights of detainees are not abused, that they are not ill-treated and their access to justice not hindered.

criminal rehabilitation facts

View image of At Halden Prison in Norway unarmed guards mingle with prisoners Credit: Getty Images That being said, violent crimes are the minority of all crimes.

Bob is in the exact same position: He should confess if Alice denies the theft, and he should also confess if she confesses.

arguments for prisons

Also, you can escape any time you want to, so in an open prison, you have to choose to stay every day.

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Crime and punishment and rehabilitation: a smarter approach