Iphone identity prism

Many other similar masculine platforms were tried, later returning to the cowboy theme — lasting till today and becoming one of the most quoted examples in Positioning.

elements of brand prism

Kapferer in Apple tried and succeeded in reflecting uniqueness, excellence, and visual appeal, which are its core values, through its products. This helps consumers associate the company with a set of visual details and representations. What kind of living thing is it? A psychological mechanism according to which people buy brands to achieve the best version of themselves is fertile ground for many companies to play on various cards.

Paired with superb customer service, this attitude has garnered the brand a fanatic following and a stellar reputation, while its products can be seen as to die for. Among many other brands, at least one of the suits in the wardrobe is a Raymond suit.

Brand reflection represents the distinctive class of users of a brand.

brand identity prism

Would you call it a friendship? For example, Jaguar is a brand that has built its reputation on luxurious, high-end cars designed to attract people who want only the best quality, comfort, and the highest level of safety, and who can afford all that. It is a new framework to help brand owners and advertising agencies to understand and communicate brand identity more effectively.

That is why Opel, Mercedes -Benz, or BMW always insist on well-known German engineering, precision, and punctuality, thus reflecting the values of their target audience to appeal to them. A corporate identity or a corporate image is the manner in which a firm or business presents itself to the public and stakeholders.

The culture consists even of the country of origin, the nation where a product is produced or branded.

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Kapferer Brand identity Prism