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An annotated bibliography provides a concise summary of each source and some assessment of its value and relevance. Ten years ago this might have been a cue to eat more chocolate than you can handle. Thinking about all of these things will make sure that your research is as effective as it can be.

This applies to: Quotes Data Images By ideas and summaries I mean any theory or idea that is not common knowledge.

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Virginia Commonwealth University. Hartness Library. Boolean Operators Tutorial. Are you looking for factual information or theories? For example this one is for English A : 4. That will usually include the author name, title, the publisher, the year and place it was published, and the page numbers.

There is no set referencing system that you need to use in your Extended Essay, but you do get marked on how you use it.

Consider approaching universities and other academics who may be able to point you in the right direction.

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