How to write an amendment to a bill

Subamendments A subamendment is an amendment proposed to an amendment. An amendment bill Amending a bill In Parliament, an amendment is a change to a bill a proposed law.

The words, figures, or punctuation marks affected by the reinstatement operation must be enclosed in quotation marks.

stages of passing a bill

Report Stage After a bill is adopted in committee and reported to the House, the next stage is report stage, which takes place in the House. Page 1, line 11, delete "quality of life" and insert "the amount of energy essential to residential customers" In this amendment, note the clear identification of the document being amended.

A drafter may not, for instance, have an opening paragraph saying that all amendments are in a specified page and in subsequent paragraphs list only line numbers. Amendments that strike add cancellation marks to specified text.

amendment bill

During consideration in detail, members in the House of Representatives may speak for five minutes about an amendment.

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Amending Bills at Committee and Report Stages