How to write a 30 day notice letter to landlord

notice letter to tenant to move out

If you are breaking your lease, the terms for this should be stated there as well. What is most commonly referred to as the 30 day notice letter some leases will require 60 days notice, howeverthis letter states your intent to vacate your rental to your landlord and is legally required as stated in your lease agreement.

30 day notice to landlord template word

But you should keep in mind that a letter of notice is required even if your rental agreement was oral permissible in states like California, Pennsylvania, and Washington for the lease of fewer than 12 months.

You can customize it according to special points your rental agreement has. Feel free to leave them in a comment section below. However, it all depends on the text of your lease, and sometimes the time parameters might extend to as much as 60 days.

Keep it simple and clear while providing specific details.

Landlord notice to vacate letter

To minimize the risks and save you healthy nerves, make sure you know your tenant rights and feel confident enough to refer to them if there is a need. We created this template to provide an example of what you need to cover in order to successfully and legally move out. Providing a note letter to your landlord is simple. Now you know the best practices of writing a letter of notice. Are you planning on being in a new city by a particular date? You can customize it according to special points your rental agreement has. Should I give my landlord a letter of notice if my lease is ending anyway? So make sure to keep a written proof of all rental-related issues that occur. It depends on what type of lease agreement you have. Know your landlord-tenant laws and your rights in case you are breaking the lease — state your reasons. Will you be signing a new lease on a certain day? To save yourself a trouble of splitting into bad terms and losing money from your security deposit, read the text of your lease carefully as soon as the idea of moving out crosses your mind for the first time.

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How to Write a Notice to Vacate Letter to Your Landlord