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The ease of use made skiing more accessible for new skiers.

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That positive reinforcement was enough to keep Head at it. It proved, however, to be a short-lived arrangement. A year later, all manufacturing was transferred from Boulder to a new state-of-the-art plant in Austria, resulting in the layoff of nearly employees.

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Rather, he looked to the metal-sandwich construction method of the aircraft industry, which developed during World War II when chemists created flexible, waterproof glues to bond aluminum and plywood. He reasoned that if wood was such a superior material, why were airplanes no longer made out of it? His concept was not to simply make a metal ski, at which others had tried and failed. The new Prince Classic, as the tennis racket was called, nonetheless, became an instant hit with tennis players. He did not improve though the way that he had hoped. Head went on to launch the Howard Head Sports Medicine Center to help athletes in and also supported numerous other causes. He realized that he had to make it work or quit and get another job. Howard Head kept on playing tennis and skiing down mountains for the rest of his life. Every time, he tried to do a snowplow, he ended up face first in the snow. In , HTM introduced the first tennis racket made of titanium and graphite, which proved highly popular. Martin Company where they used a form of aluminum and plastic laminate to build the fuselages of aircraft, and he felt the same material would make an ideal ski. It was far from perfect, however, and Head spent another three years engaged in developing the design, which suffered from two major drawbacks: the aluminum froze and collected snow on the bottom of the skis and the edges quickly became dull. S Open Tennis Championship, September, Martin Company, where he designed and built planes during World War II, Head had graduated from Harvard in with a degree in engineering sciences. His efforts revolutionized the ski industry, taking it out of the hands of wood crafters and placing it squarely in the domain of scientists and engineers.

In MarchHead shut down the Penn ball manufacturing factory. The following year, Head opened a new plant in Austria in order to produce more tennis rackets. Both of Eliasch's parents were doctors, but it was business rather than medicine that held his interest.

The new skis were lighter, easier to turn and more durable. Head successfully improved upon an existing product to enhance performance.

According to company records, Head became the leading brand of ski sold in the United States and Europe by Head went on to launch the Howard Head Sports Medicine Center to help athletes in and also supported numerous other causes.

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