Field study 6 on becoming a teacher

field study 6 episode 2

What characteristics do you have at present that can hamper you from becoming an effective classroom manager? Explain your answer. What are your plans for the future as an expert professional teacher? Collaborative relationships between the school and the community link together to become evident, through organized association the community can cooperate to the school as well as the school to the community or vice versa.

Suggest new ways by which the school can creatively use the resources of the community. What possible linkages can the community and the schools have? As teachers you need to let the students know that they dont have to follow the stereotyped roles of society.

Yes, because I left legacy I can be proud of. But among of the 6 supportive measures, I think Routine is not clearly emphasizes. It is a schedule of activities that is mostly time-paced and attuned to the lesson objectives well as proper ventilation and lighting are conducive to learning.

Teacher 2 a. What to teach Using different strategies Essentialist Behaviorist I agree, in fact it is the best role the teacher should accomplish To develop pupils moral values to become a better person I agree in this situation because it caters their intellect and capabilities c.

Therefore, a teacher must be efficient and effective in her chosen field of endeavor.

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Field Study 6: On Becoming A Teacher by J. Salana