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I will never speak to him again as lon as I live. Hundreds of people lost their homes as a result of the war. He also speaks 5erman.

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X There's no sugar left, so you'll have to go to the shop. The result will not change. We accepted neither offer.

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Therefore, he failed the test. They are followed by an object, not a clause. C 0itt0e. We can go to either restaurant. Both my mother and my sister are here. It was raining hard, and there was a strong wind. He, therefore, failed the test. We use in spite of in one half of a sentence to express a contrast with the other half of the sentence. He failed the test, therefore. It was a pretty good conference on the whole. More Examples: I met her while my stay in Ireland. He also speaks 5erman. Inflation is down, spending is up. His wife, who is 4rench, speaks three languages. If you connect neither

Even if gives the idea that a particular condition does not matter. It has the same meaning as in order to.

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Besides work in an office, she looks after the children. With unless we use present tenses when we talk about the future.

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I turned off the D so that my roommate could study in peace and Auiet. Mary is rich, whereas John is poor. He also speaks German. I will leave before he comes. Although is a conjunction and expresses the idea of contrast. If you connect neither It has an e,cellent art museum. Neither of them came to the meeting. He, therefore, failed the test. Is the key word followed by a gerund or an infinitive? During must be used before a noun. Subjects connected by both

Subjects connected by both Contrast while ,' whereas Neither -ohn nor his friends are going to the beach today. Not only my mother but also my sister is here.

Hundreds of people lost their homes as a result of the war.

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Skills for FCE: Linking words and phrases.