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Alice Walker reports the facts to the reader with short sentences written in the present tense. We have the good news — for the first time, solar and wind power have reached grid parity with fossil fuels — paired with record demand for oil and the vast expansion of fracking and tar sands exploitation, as CO2 levels topped ppm for the first time and the Warsaw climate talks imploded.

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The narrative is a perfect example of an initiation story, a short story that focuses on the key character that comes across a concept, encounter, practice or knowledge he never knew. Cathriona White found herself in a place of deep pain, without hope. Choose Type of service.

On the other hand Antoinette evolves as an inhibited character who craves unconditional love, having experienced rejection from her mother. The boy shows more than kindness when they meet the thief who steals everything they have. What do you live for when the very earth shifts beneath your feet and you crumble to the dirt in a heap?

The harsh treatment of female characters by male characters is shown as despair, since right to the end Milkman still does not realise that Solomon abandoned his children and wife.

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Ely sees that the boy is the hope, leftover from this catastrophic world. Like Pilate, Christophine is important as she represents alternative power. Along with the destruction, rule and order has disappeared.

After their visit to the bunker, the boy helps an old man, named Ely. The first chapter broadly discusses the various forms of nationalism that grew out of resistance to colonialism, which have framed development policies and reproduced hierarchies of gender, race, class, and ethnicity.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

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Hope and Despair for Humanity in "The Road" Essay Example