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Dr Jokweni agreed with the Chairperson. The Department acknowledged that the collaboration was still at a low level, but the situation was fast changing. He did not understand why the Department was seeking legal advice elsewhere, and asked what legal opinion the Department could possibly receive from the Department of Public Works.

These included skills development, infrastructure, a national strategy for the collection and preservation of non-public records, and the strengthening of partnerships with various stakeholders. He illustrated his point by using Dr Jokweni as an example.

Essay national archives

As a result, the Chairperson did not allow the Department to deliver its presentation. Archived from the original on 11 July Mediocrity results from accepting the second rate, the average or below average, that which was ordinary, run of the mill, commonplace and middle of the road, rather than striving for the excellent, the extraordinary, the best, the first rate.

The Chairperson felt as though the Department was trying to pull out of the agreement, and asked the Department to submit a detailed plan of action on how and when the Department would deal with this matter.

The Department had been participating in workshops arranged by the Auditor-General. The interventions included increasing capacity, making renovations to some archives and increasing space for archives. If you refer to an important historical event, you must make a point or comment about it. You may include quotations from other historians and refer to primary sources such as you can find on this website to support a particular point. The issues that she highlighted were records management, the issue of amending and costing the Act, addressing the inequalities across the different provinces, and the vacant or non-public records. She asked for the establishment of an archives advisory council, which was currently non-existent. He warned the Department that people would take the Department to court over this matter. Mr J Mahlangu ANC asked that apologies be formalised, in a written form, and not just said over the table.

He said that Germany had some records of South Africa which they were willing to hand over to the country. He had not been present at the meeting when the agreement had been signed.

At this stage you may wish to leave some of them out or develop others by breaking them into sub points. Redo your original spider diagram as necessary. The Chairperson was very disappointed in the Department, and felt disrespected by the Department. On access and use, the National Archives developed annual outreach programmes which were intended to reach out to less privileged sectors of society, to make known information about records. Archived from the original on 30 March The Department was trying to ensure that no auditing queries arose. The report did not paint a situation which was completely new, but the findings would complement other findings of internal processes that had been embarked upon in the Department, such as the feasibility of a conditional grant. Mr Ndima concluded by saying that the core of the problems faced by the national archives system was human and financial capital challenges. He highlighted the things that the Department would be able to improve on if resources were available.
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