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You cannot preach the Gospel and expect these people listening with a hungry stomach to the message. You need to feed the hungry.

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I believe that this helps to explain why so many clergy in our study said that being a pastor is a deeply fulfilling and satisfying vocation.

Each of the themes will be discussed.

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Methodology This article employs a qualitative research design. Moreover, Christians are in the majority which means that Christian churches must be the voice of marginalised and the poor and must become so by challenging immorality in the country. The objective is to serve others' needs and to help them to perform to best of their abilities in their respective duties.

What specific role can the church play in enhancing a socially transformative agenda in South Africa? One central question that Diarmaid MacCulloch seemed particularly interested in was the question of why the Reformation happened, especially what theological ideas were at its heart.

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The South African church society is influenced by such developments taking place globally and which clearly influence how local churches function. Where did happen? Deryke, R. It is therefore time for the church to speak out against all evils such as increased corruption amongst political and business leaders, racism, rape, bullying and human trafficking in South Africa. MacCulloch built on this when he said that the real strength of Lutheranism was not logic but the ability to spread their controversial message through many forms. The Catholic Church of the Counter-Reformation era grew more spiritual, more literate and more educated. Read about the history of Protestantism. Transformation', Christian Faith and Economics Revisited 2 11 , Emanating from the secular law, Pastor Alice Assemblies of God ministry wholeheartedly agreed on the issue of human rights. We need sometimes to preach thought provoking issues, especially now that we in our country experienced issues of racism, crime and drug abuse. It was very interesting that church leaders with several years in ministry mentioned their respective issues and challenges faced over time. In this case, the researcher had to piece together different transcripts as pieces of interviewees responses, creating a collage of information from the data collected.
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