Descriptive essay activities

Write the five senses on the board. Describe each situation in the order presented. Gross me out! Allow students to tape descriptions below the pictures. Look again at the two descriptions above.

descriptive writing worksheets for grade 7

Students must transform these sentences into more descriptive sentences. Save time at the end of the lesson for them to share what they wrote if they want. See related how-to videos with lesson plans in the Text Structures and Genres and Writing Processes and Strategies sections. In class, give each student a different image.

I find that sometimes it takes too long for students to pass around all the objects so just divide them into groups and then get them to choose a leader. Then once the class has settled down again, explain the importance of adding detail in essays. Under each, produce a list of relevant adjectives.

You can do one, a combination of a few or all of the activities, depending on the time you have and the interest of your students.

descriptive writing format
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Descriptive writing exercises and teaching ideas for ESL students.