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Moore examines the military records released by Bush to explain his disappearance from the Texas Air National Guard, and finds that the name of another pilot has been blacked out.

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The Saudi ruling elite subsequently launched an advertising campaign spanning nineteen US cities to counter criticism partly raised in the film. What he showed, I believe, is that the presence of humor in a documentary film need detract neither from its seriousness of purpose nor from its political effectiveness. At that time, Disney was the parent company of Miramax. His concern is with Bush, who might be abusing his presidential power, and not with those who have no presidential power to abuse. Kopel, despite some disparaging comments above, as he did most of the research to make this discussion possible, while I have just comfortably taken potshots at some of his arguments. He teaches philosophy and film studies at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. But he remains one of the most valuable figures on the political landscape, a populist rabble-rouser, humorous and effective; the outrage and incredulity in his film are an exhilarating response to Bush's determined repetition of the same stubborn sound bites. His big omission is Tony Blair and the UK. This is a scene that I found valuable to the public discourse. On so much else, though, Moore incontestably scores points. Along the way, it became the highest-grossing documentary of all time. His inexplicable paralysis wasn't underlined in news reports at the time, and only Moore thought to contact the teacher in that schoolroom -- who, as it turned out, had made her own video of the visit. All have a right to their opinion, and Moore can hardly be accused of deceit for having different expectations of the media than Kopel.

On May 28,after more than a week of talks, Disney announced that Miramax film studio founders Harvey and Bob Weinstein had personally acquired the rights to the documentary after Disney declined to distribute it.

Even if this turns out to be erroneous, that hardly makes Moore a deceiver.

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The idea that resisting the no-fly zones constitutes an aggressive act is laughable, unless one arrogantly accepts that the U. The president is prone to having dopey facial expressions, so he is hard to read. Verdict: One falsehood and one deliberate deception.

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Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Verdict: Deception. I found this a surprising revelation when I saw the film, and only later did I learn this was a deception.

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This is eminently the case when editing takes a statement or event out of context to create an opposite meaning. Since Fox did declare Bush first, Moore did not lie outright, but made a highly misleading deception. What I find particularly praiseworthy about the film is the range of different issues and techniques it uses to demonstrate the moral bankruptcy of this Administration and the hypocrisy of its leaders. To accuse Moore of deception on points like this would needlessly stifle diversity of opinion. Whether Bush was calm and composed, or merely confused and scared, is subjective. Even if he were that foolish, he no longer had the capacity to make WMDs, as the Bush administration admits. However, I think we all would agree that the minute we point a camera at something, the minute we cut the film or set the lighting, we are effectively causing imbalance in what is perhaps one of the greater if not greatest fallacies in motion film, which is, destroying the balance a documentary film is supposed to have. The Afghanistan war comes and goes without the capture of Osama bin Laden; terrorism licenses the big war on diplomatically safe and target-rich Iraq, in whose reconstruction the big companies have a vested interest, and Moore's scattergun rhetoric takes in the homeland security issue, its politically profitable culture of fear, and the US military's recruiting grounds of blue-collar America, getting poor blacks and whites to fight Mr Bush's war as the body count ratchets upwards. As angered as the conservative Damon might be that the footage was used by Moore without his permission, he has no basis for an invasion of privacy claim since he agreed to be nationally televised. Moore has not made a solid statistical argument that congressmen are less likely to send their sons to war than other people. His inexplicable paralysis wasn't underlined in news reports at the time, and only Moore thought to contact the teacher in that schoolroom -- who, as it turned out, had made her own video of the visit. The accuracy of unemployment rates is contestable on this and many other grounds, so no one is to be accused of deception here. Similarly, omission of the fact that George Soros and some Democrats are in the Carlyle Group may have some merit as a counter-argument, but Moore is not necessarily deceitful in omitting this. I guess, as a film maker, you can almost never be balanced.

The last thing that I noted was how, perhaps, Michael Moore must have been in the game as much for the money as he was in for showing his blatant disapproval of George W.

Moore dedicated the film to his friend who was killed in the World Trade Center attacks and to those servicemen and women from Flint, Michigan that have been killed in Iraq: "Michael Pedersen, Brett Petriken and all the soldiers from the Flint area who have died in the Iraq War

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In Denmark, it was shown on Danmarks Radio normally referred to as just DR , which is Denmark's national broadcasting corporation, on April 11, While this story is not widely known — and therefore packs a real punch — other, more generally shared knowledge still acquires new impact when placed in the broader context that Moore creates. The site's critics' consensus reads: "Extremely one-sided in its indictment of the Bush administration, but worth watching for the humor and the debates it'll stir. Tom Daschle Mistaken Identity Moore apparently hugged a lawyer who looked like Tom Daschle, thinking it was Daschle, and continues to insist the same. Even if Moore is ultimately wrong in his apparent belief that Bin Laden money went into Arbusto, he is not thereby guilty of deception, as he has not declared anything beyond the evidence. For although humor might appear to be just in fun, it turns out that it can serve more serious purposes. Kopel neglects to mention that Saddam established this system in an attempt to win popularity in the mainstream Arab world.
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A (Quick) Critical Analysis of Fahrenheit 9/11