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If individuals are unable to communicate their needs it will have an impact on their well-being, relationships with family, friends and other members of their community. To support users of health and social care services with specific communication needs, it would be better to develop a plan of action Moonie, In my role …show more content… 1.

This information together with the communication method the individual prefers and any aids which they use to support their communication will then be written into the individuals care plan so that any changes to the base line can be monitored.

Collate and communicate health information to individuals

Work with others to identify ways to support the continued development of communication It is important that everyone involved in the care of the individual works as part of a team to establish the best support for that person. One of the methods that can promote effective communication in health and social care services is to maintain confidentiality of information. It is important to take action as soon it has been identified that an individual has specific communication needs. Key working: thought working with the individual and family to establish person centre approaches. In my function of a carer it is my occupation to work in a individual centred manner to back up the service users I care for. There are also communication software that can be added to a computer, mobile phone or PDA to enable a person to type what they want to say and play it back so others can hear what was typed. Free Dissertations Support individuals with specific communication needs Essay Outcome 1 — understand specific communicating demands and factors impacting them. You should establish what the needs are. Hearing aids are a very common aid to improve the hearing of people with hearing difficulties. In order to effectively support an individual with his or her communication we must have a thorough understanding of their needs. Talking books,and large printed and Bridle books and other technical aids to help with their communication needs through partnership work with deft blind society who provide magazine to informed and update service users and their family on the latest aids that would best suit their needs. The individual should be supported to ead and understand the instructions and to follow any health and safety advice on how to use the device correctly. Behaviour — If an individual is not supported to communicate effectively they can become increasingly withdrawn, depressed and isolated. Another ground could be that they do non portion the same linguistic communication system or were non taught therefore they could hold found another manner to pass on.

The key point to remember is that everyone is different. Analysis of the use of strategies to support users of health and social care services with specific communication needs in health and social settings Various strategies can be used to support the users of health and social care services with specific communication needs in health and social settings.

To meet the learning and communication needs of a student with cerebral palsy requires the teacher to implement a number of strategies to ensure inclusion. This will involve using a variety of approaches and styles appropriate to the Individual you are addressing.

Good verbal communication is the ability to both explain and present your ideas clearly through the spoken word, and to listen carefully to other people.

describe the effects that may be caused to an individual if their communication needs are not met

In order to ensure that the user obtains the maximum benefit from the new technology, training must be provided.

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support individuals with specific communication needs Essay