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After 28 days, the Lutzes left the house, claiming to have been terrorized by spooks while living there. From then on out, the hauntings worsened until the family were forced to leave.

The reported haunting was the basis for the book The Amityville Horror and adapted into the and films of the same name, while also serving as inspiration for the film series that followed.

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Ed and Lorraine Warren became involved when London police officers reported being attacked by a werewolf. He only served five years due to good behavior. Their opinion changed when it started making itself at home. While the Perron family lived in the home, numerous pleasant ghostly interactions, like spirits playing with the children or helping to do chores, were reported.

Unlike in the film, the Warrens were unable to dispel the vicious spirits, forcing the family to vacate their home when finances allowed them to. Weber had hoped to use the haunting to get his client a new trial, and the Lutzes profited from the story's widespread notoriety and fame.

Arne, however, became their alleged new target. Ed and Lorraine Warren were eventually called in to cleanse the house—and brought a local TV crew with them. The Warrens and Holzer have suggested that malevolent spirits occupy the house due to its history.

Black stains appeared on the toilets and ceramic fixtures. He claimed to have captured her essence on film.

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Not to be insensitive to the people who have supposedly experienced hauntings, but their lack of creativity is to blame for the formulaic tropes that make stale supernatural films seem like a dime-a-dozen.

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