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A third option was to pool all the demands and maintained one centralized warehouse to serve the whole country. Hence, with respect to this parameter, the lesser the number of warehouses, the lower is the cost.

Therefore, main reasons behind this problem should be analyzed. SG is trying to achieve this at the cost of blocked working capital, thus inhibiting the growth and expansion. From the aspect of transportation costs, GL option has the smallest cost amount.

Thesis Statement This study will pay attention to the existing studies that support the existence of the Mozart effect and those that contradict the theory, political effect, and its scientific explanation.

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In regards to warehouses restructuring, there are four options to be considered. Scientific Glass, Inc. As SG plans for global expansion inthey will require sufficient capital. Hence, they came up with some new ideas after a lot of brainstorming.

Rather the warehouse managers were more concerned how to maintain the high delivery levels of their own warehouse.

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PGCBM: Scientific Glass, Inc.: Inventory Management