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The camera cuts to a shot of Stern standing in the center of a circle.

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And its subject matter applies to every generation. In the film he used many production features that helped show us contrast, emotion, and the list goes on.

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We cut to a shot of Oskar Schindler pouring himself a drink and deciding upon a suit jacket and cufflinks. He appears unhappy to be pulled away from his work and skeptical of Schindler's proposition. In it we see how the lives of thousands of people were affected by this particular piece of the Nazi party.

Lighting Analysis of the film Schindlers List Schindlers list is a American film about Oskar Schindler who during the Holocaust helped save thousands of Jews by running a factory.

This wide shot says: Django is different.

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As the film went on each clip got creepier. Here we have Jamie Foxx as Django, entering a plantation. God is absent. At the start of the film we see Oskar Schindler in a high angle shot examining Analysis The first part of the film aims to establish Schindler as a greedy, self-centered character who is out of touch and unaware of the true horror of the Jews' position. The prayer and candlelight are ominous, setting a dark tone from the outset of the film. What do you do now? Although some of the greatest leaders in history lead for a more notorious cause, the leadership skills they conveyed and followed were key to the success of their goal and accomplishments.

This wide angle shot, wide shot, or long shot, is heavenly by any name This is a sweeping wide shot. Some of the important themes that come up a lot in the film is denial and the amount of power that a person is capable of holding.

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Also showed the select few Oskar Shindler saved as his workers.

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Camera angles used in schindler's list