Cadbury recommendation

Relating to the Non-Executive Directors the recommendations are: Non-executive Directors should bring an independent judgment to bear on issues of strategy, performance, resources, including key appointments, and standards of conduct. Another company, Polly Peckreported healthy profits one year while declaring bankruptcy the next.

For the Executive Directors the recommendations in the Cadbury Code of Best Practices are: Directors service contracts should not exceed three years without shareholders approval There should be full and clear disclosure of their total emoluments and those of the Chairman including pension contributions and stock options.

Food with lower sugar content is most preferred due to weight and health concern. Non-executive Directors should be appointed for specified terms and reappointment should not be automatic. The report embodied recommendations based on practical experiences and with an eye on the US experience, further elaborated after a process of consultation and widely accepted.

This measure shows that Cadbury has created corporate social responsibility CSR to the society which may boost its effort in regaining its reputation to the public.

Cadbury recommendation

Their fees should reflect the time, which they commit to the company. Although wrong on the historical facts, as Robert Maxwell died on 5 November [3] [4] [5] and "The Committee on the Financial Aspects of Corporate Governance" known as "The Cadbury Committee" was set up in May for other reasons than the Maxwell case, [6] it gives an interesting reading of the situation at the time: Robert Maxwell 's death while cruising on the Canary Islands in shone a spotlight on his company's affairs.

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Cadbury should come out with some sugar free or low sugar chocolate products in order to cater for those consumers who consume low sugar or sugar free product due to the various reasons.

Other than advertising and publicity done by Cadbury to tell the world that it emphasizes safety and health to its products, Cadbury may consider enhancing its effort in regaining its reputation by setting up education foundation to support education fees for the orphans.

There should be an agreed procedure for Directors in the furtherance of their duties to take independent professional advice if necessary, at the companys expense.

In companies where the Chairman is also the Chief Executive, it is essential that there should be a strong and independent element on the Board, with a recognized senior member.

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The final report was released in December and then applied to listed companies reporting their accounts after 30th June

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