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These are particularly designed with funding in mind, no matter what kind of business you run. The help resources are phenomenal and easy to navigate. Modern, standardized format. The executives represent all functional areas, with 70 years of combined experience in the software development industry. As the Instructor you can also have online access to their plan and provide feed back and comments as the plan develops. Students can easily export a pitch deck presentation from LivePlan, share a one—page executive summary, and share plans in a format that has won hundreds of business plan competitions. Students could comment on sections of their business plan and collaborate on what to change in their plan without having to meet face—to—face. If you'd like to speak to someone about LivePlan, call us at Even though I encouraged students to use a collaboration tool such as Google Groups, many did not. Business Plan Pro Academic Business Plan Pro Academic Edition is our popular business plan software for academia, used and respected at thousands of colleges and universities around the world. LivePlan breaks it down into manageable steps and takes the mystery out of developing a business plan. Focus on the business strategy, not the formatting.

Competition—ready LivePlan business plans are impressive, complete, and accurate. Have a read and let us know what you think. There are also business plan guides, industry reports, and a free course on writing a business plan.

Before using LivePlan, students sometimes were intimidated by the business planning process. They were emailing the plan back and forth between each other and it was difficult to keep track of versions and changes.

CCS competes primarily against more traditional methods of education, training and testing, including pencil and paper testing. Wise Business Plans provides a very wide range of templates to work from in constructing a business plan.

LivePlan lets your students focus exclusively on business strategy and financial forecasting, so you can teach them to think critically about their business concepts, and not get hung up on Excel and Word documents.

I love the ability to act as a contributor to their plans.

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