Business plan reflection paper

By using qualitative research, I was able to exactly identify the behaviours and demands of potential customers. My program will help minimize health problems among the latinos in my community and decrease obesity rates in washington heights.

Business plan reflection paper

Judging these contests is fun. Disappointing: The financial projections for a lot of the plans had horribly unrealistic profitability and little or no sense of cash flow. And you can find me on Wikipedia too. She gave me feedback and together we agreed on pricing and product range. Discuss an overview of your business and why there is a demand for your service or goods. I know cupcakes may sell quicker but designed theme cakes and cake pops are also a current trend in the market. Discuss how you may use what you learned later in life and if you plan to actually open that business that created in this project. Plus, I love the creativity side. I am not a baker but during working on this task, looking for suppliers and looking at what things I would need for my business I have learnt basics about the essentials needed for bakers. After applying interview techniques, focus groups and pre analysed information of the coffee industry in UK, I generated my findings and outcomes Burgess , p. I helped my class mates by giving them some ideas on their business plans, like printing canvasses or printing T shirts with quotes, and pizza on the go subway style. I thought I could move on to setting up a pop up shop later once the business is well established. The business plan I formulated primarily was designed using qualitative research. I feel Marketing is my strength but overall I felt I did well on all aspects of my business plan. I worked on my communication strategy how I would get in touch with the public and promote my business, finding right suppliers and people who I could learn from.

I have understood the importance of partnership and how having partnership can help you share tasks. I also implemented SWOT analysis in the business planning procedure so that I am aware of latent potentials, strengths, weaknesses and threats of this business.

As a result of the economic depression, more people in the community are becoming jobless, homeless, low-income, and uninsured.

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These skills can help me be the best out of a bunch of folks. I have enjoyed finding the solutions to problems.

Individual reflective report on a business plan

In my research project, I looked at various possible options in developing a business plan. Thus, the study unfolded naturally giving me detailed and comprehensive data. I worked on my communication strategy how I would get in touch with the public and promote my business, finding right suppliers and people who I could learn from. Another option was to do competitive analysis to analyze the market. I made a lot of notes as I felt it was very important to make notes. I got confidence from the Kirklees Business Conference where I got the opportunity to speak to different people from different organisations. The purpose of the Professional Development Policy is to encourage and support employees to actively pursue their professional and career development as an integral element of their employment with the Business organization. I only knew basics about business but after working on this module I feel a lot more confident and feel my learning has enhanced. I have however made it priority to implement this method as it can help me in changing my product according to their needs and demands B2B International , pp. Thus, this method had the possibility of deviation in results when real product is launched in the market. And Priscilla Silva had the main speaking part for Cyclewood Plastics , of the University of Arkansas, another of the six finalists. Coming up with the idea was the easiest part but anyone can come up with an idea, how it will all come together and how you move forward with the idea and make a business out of it is the challenging part.

But so were the five other finalists. Latin America. I have understood the way you market your product and have learnt about the important process of understanding your target market, and completing your market research and being aware of your competitors.

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It helped me in deciding what should be areas to study and what can be principal concerns in starting up a coffee business.

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Individual reflective report on business plan Essay